Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Handicapping the 2011 Cover Girl Candidates, Part Two

2009: Raising the Bar

I heard an interesting rumor that Bar Refaeli was supposed to be on the 2008 cover, but she bragged about it too soon, before it was to be made public. So to send her a message, SI bumped her and used Marisa Miller instead.

If true, this would have blown my 2008 prediction away. Plus, it would have robbed the world of ever seeing Marisa on the cover.

I have no idea if it’s true. But by the time 2009 was rolling along, I figured Bar was an excellent candidate. She’d graced the pages with her otherworldly beauty for two years, in ’07 and ’08.

Look at her. Fresh face, turned-up nose, a sprinkling of freckles, but sardonic eyes and perpetually parted lips. She looks like the girl you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to in college.

Those two promising issues, plus the fact that she was gaining notoriety as Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, so name recognition was growing.

When the cover arrived, it was a disappointment. There’s something accidental about it, not in an alluring or candid way, but in a way that suggests she was between poses. It’s as if he hadn’t decided whether she wanted to level her gaze at the camera or look away demurely, whether to pull her legs femininely together or stand with them defiantly apart.

Is she flirtatiously threatening to remove her bikini bottom, or just adjusting it, unaware that the camera’s going to click?

I feel like I’m being a little harsh. But I think Bar Refaeli is capable of looking exquisite, and I would have expected a cover shot of hers to take its place in the pantheon of great covers. Were there other 2009 shots of Bar that might have been more alluring for the cover? I thought you’d never ask.

Much better body shot of the same suit, but a lot is lost in the face. It almost doesn’t look like her.

This one is very cute and sunny, and a characteristic Bar face. And it would have been one of the few truly butt-centric cover shots in swimsuit issue history. But the top looks like she was attacked with silly string during a child’s birthday party, and is probably too risqué.

Awesome body shot. But the face is a little zombie-fied. And the indoor setting doesn’t look like an SI cover.

Gracious. Yes. This should have been the cover. (Though the dogtag-like necklace is a little ironic. ) I may need to go restart my heart.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gale force

Megan Gale launched her new keenie collaboration with David Jones yesterday at a Vaucluse harbour side party. The new brand Isola (island in Italian) may appear as a direct attack on the Jennifer Hawkins/Myer brand Cozi, though Gale does deny any such rivalry. While Cozi is aimed at the young and teeny weenie, Gale wants to fill a hole in the market for ladies in their 30's and 40's of all shapes and sizes. The pretty collection is filled with dainty florals, tie-dies and clever geometry. Silk caftans and maxi dresses also included for the evening cover up.
Gale, a force to be reckoned with.

Jac's Story

Monika Jagaciak spends a day of teenage exploration amid the California sun and wind for the June issue of Interview. Photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Karl Templer, Jac dons bikinis from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and more in Jac’s Story.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Handicapping the 2011 Cover Girl Candidates, Part One

I mentioned in my first post how I’d successfully predicted the last three cover girls. Perhaps it’s time I put my money where my mouth is. I’m going to try to guess who 2011 will bring us.

First, the last three years.

2008: Miller Time
This was a bit of a no-brainer. Marisa doesn’t do much for me personally (she’s hot, sure, but a bit of a cookie-cutter blonde). However, she’s insanely popular. It’s kind of surprising that she didn’t get the cover sooner, although the stunt covers of 2006 and 2007 may have pushed her back.

I predicted her in 2008 because I figured they couldn’t let a bona fide SI star fade before they put her on the cover, and I was right. Not only about the cover, but about the fade; it was (to date) her last swimsuit appearance.

It’s not an iconic cover, in my opinion. The facial expression is kind of bland and straightforward. The pose feels awkward, like she’s a little self-conscious and green, instead of a seven-year swimsuit issue veteran. The hip is thrust out, but kind of lazily. The arm is on the head, but somehow I don’t believe her. And she’s got that thumb-in-the-bikini-bottom thing that I kind of like but kind of wish SI wouldn’t rely on so often.

And the suit itself looks like it was knit for Etsy.

It is not, as this site claims, the same pose as 2000’s cover.Eerily similar outfits and settings, yes, but very different poses. I prefer Daniela’s pose (that, ladies, is how you thrust out a hip), though not her facial expression, which is even more lifeless than Marisa’s.

I flipped through some other Marisa pics from 2008, to see if there are any other shots that I felt would have made better covers.This one is hot, but it seems wrong for a cover, somehow. Maybe it’s the hat. It makes her look like she’s role-playing or something. (This is the only hat ever to appear on a swimsuit issue cover.)

This one is gorgeous, but maybe a little too overtly sexual for a cover.

This would have made an excellent cover, I think. It’s a much more dynamic pose and facial expression. And you still get to be risqué with the breasts, but a loosened top feels less gratuitous than a couple of delicately perched strands of beads.

This would have been my second choice. The previous one might be a bit lascivious, and this one is more wholesome. She’s still leveling her gaze at the camera, but the effect is warmer.

So there you have it, SI. I await your call as a cover consultant.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swimsuits Are Why Summer Exists

In celebration of the first full day of summer, get active. Go windsurfing.
Jenna de Rosnay, 1986

Play some beach volleyball.
Gabrielle Reece, 1997

Grab your board.
Veronica Varekova, 2007

Get out the pool toys.
Ana Beatriz Barros, 2003

Or just, you know, lounge around the beach.
Christie Brinkley, 1975

Enjoy it. It’s going to be cold by the time the next swimsuit issue arrives.
Vendela and Ashley Richardson, 1993

Absolutely priceless

Jealousy's a curse

Congratulations Miss Kerr

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