Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sol Bellow Byron

I was lucky enough to attend a lovely little soiree on the weekend to welcome
Sol Bellow to a cute store named The End Collective in Byron Bay.

We saw the night in with a few bubbles, a few giggles and for those of us with a sweet tooth, a chocolate covered strawberry or ten!

Of course we perused the beautiful swimwear range as well...

We saw the night out with a few cocktails, a few more giggles and for those of us still in need, a lot of tapas!

Have a peek at some of the popular keenies from the evening!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Free love

Doesn't this image just epitomise the life & love of the 60's ?

Coast Magazine, Sardinia.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Rock'n'Roll vs Romance

Its rock'n'roll meets romance in Monique Bryden's first range.

Intricate detail, frills, gold plated charms, shimmering pastels versus gloss black bandit cut out onsies and hot to trot keenies.

Amafli coast or mean girl punk garage band...you choose!


Jantzen swimwear campaign, shot in 1957 on board the SS Monteray by acclaimed swimwear photographer Gervaise Purcell.

More of Gervaise's images can be seen at "Exposed! The history of Australian swimwear" at the Australian National Maritime Museum until October 25th.

Please note: the gentleman in the middle's boy leg on piece!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Loving the Cruise Swim Collection from (always a fav!) Zimmerman.
An eclectic mish mash of vibrant colours, floral, animal and moroccan inspired prints, teamed with intricate key hole designs makes for a very individual but stunning campaign....
And of course glowing models help as well!

Artistic licence

The Wreck: Acrylic & Ink on wooden boxes. Series of 3

Luke Taaffe is a favourite of mine. Hailing from Wamberal on the NSW coast, Luke's works are a collaboration of his love of art and the ocean. Lines, lots of lines, texture of different surfaces like wood and butchers paper and his signature petaled cirlces...a few elements that set Luke apart.

His beautiful website is worth a quick squiz and if your ever around Byron Bay pop into Retrospect galleries, they have his work permanently displayed.


Plain & simple but V. cute.....Jaci Bailey

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Le coup manqué introduisant Brigitte Bardot

Crinkle Cut

I little treat for those of us who weren't so blessed in the chest department!

Circa 1955

The composition of these photographs is stunning...I love the use of something straw in every image, it gives such great texture, an element often missed in photography.
The expressions on the model's faces are priceless...the one with the sunnies......LOvE !

I found them on my never ending search for the perfect keenie.....but I'm so sad because I don't know who the photographer is. I would love to know because they deserve credit and we'd all like to see more of their work. If anyone knows please, please leave a comment.

Monday, September 21, 2009

魅了された庭 Enchanted Garden

If only we all had our own enchanted garden on a far away island...surounded by the glisten of a turquoise ocean, the gentle twitter of tiny birds and a shady hideaway in the lush green undergrowth.

If only......

Jets by Jessika Allen won't personally take you there...but they do have the perfect keenies for it!


How cute are these little numbers?
From Zelda Sweetwater straight out of New York City.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Me gusta el día soleado

You'd like sunny days to if you had an endless supply of Keenies...

Sophie Daley, designer of Sydney's own Sol Bellow is sure to have many a keenie!

Sol bellow has been on the beaches for a few years now, but this year made their debut at Swim Swim Fashion Week, flaunting their signature vintage prints, gorgeous frills and sunny day hues.

It's not hard to see why hot bods like Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Hawkins are donning one of Soph's keenies this summer.

Sol Bellow keenies are available at selected boutiques...for a list of stokists click here....

Oh and you can make sneeky Facebook friends here....

Kaleidoscope eyes

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Out of sight & Under the sun

Insight's keenies always make me wanna rip shreds at a disco roller rink or something?

Super cooooool onesies.......from this springs Under the sun collection

Pre Christo

Did you know?

The bikini may have been worn as early as 1400 B.C.

This paintings depicts female Greek athletes wearing very familiar 2 piece garments....

yellow polka dot keenies...

Seriously, who doesn't love a yellow polka dot keenie?