Monday, August 30, 2010

Handicapping the 2011 Cover Girl Candidates, Part Four

Second Runner Up: Jessica Gomes

It’s prediction time. Coming in at third place is the lovely Jessica Gomes.

I may be blinded by personal preferences; I love Jessica Gomes. She’s my current favorite SI model. I thought I saw something special about her in her 2008 debut:
Those hypnotic curves and gentle, piercing gaze. 2009 confirmed it:
She’s magnificent. Her placid, luxurious sexiness lifts her above even the surrounding sea of scantily clad beauties.

I am not alone in this opinion. At some point last year, M.J. Day tweeted about some kid who wrote a song about her, which resulted in some notoriety around the SI swimsuit community. Some sample lyrics:

One day
In my room
I watched videos on YouTube
This girl came in the first page
It startled me how cute she is
Oh, woah, woah
I was wondering
Who is she?
And then I tried to Google her
Right away
Oh I found it
What a cute girl
Oh, woah, woah
Jessica Gomes

Okay, so it’s not Beatrice and Dante. But until Jessica starts posting comments on this blog, the kid has one up on me.

When I began reading M.J. Day’s Twitter feed back in late 2009, and she related tantalizing 140-character missives from behind the scenes of what would be the 2010 issue, I panicked a little, because she never mentioned Jessica. Would they withhold her just as she became the girl I most looked forward to?

The 2010 issue arrived, and to my relief, it contained Jessica:
But the fact that she wasn’t mentioned (I believe Brooklyn Decker, Julie Henderson, Daniella Sarahyba, and/or Irina Shayk all were) made me wonder how hard she cultivates her public image. Her Twitter feed, sadly, is private. I worry that her relative lack of fame might be an obstacle between her and the cover.

But if I ran the place, she’d be the 2011 cover girl. I mean, tell me this girl wouldn’t sell some magazines:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cut & Paste

Image bookmarking. Addictive, pointless & the epitome of procrastination. I freakin' love it. Scissors is my newest time waster (in a good way).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ukrainian summer

Can''t say I've ever considered summer in The Ukraine...but apparently it's something like this!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Girls on film

Gone are the days of vintage belles and the grainy romance of film - as sad as it may be. Aneta Bartos draws on this nostalgia to create some of the most stunning photography I've come across for some time. Bartos either has some seriously awesome filters or shoots entirely on film and I'm so glad she is...this truly is an era we should never let go of.