Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2-Pieces in 3-D. 4 real.

Sony Bankrolls 3-D Video of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit IssueI have little to no interest in owning a 3-D TV. I’m very curious to see this video, but not curious enough to take any significant steps toward it, much less shell out a lot of money.

At least the 2000 issue came with a pair of cardboard red-and-blue glasses, and that’s all the expensive technology you needed.

Apparently the same 3-D specialist who worked on Avatar worked on this video. Apparently Avatar was pretty amazing looking. (I never quite got around to seeing it.)

Frankly, I always saw 3-D (2000) as one of SI’s disposable gimmicks, like trading cards and players’ wives and “The Equator” and those weird 360° “Virtual Reality” gadgets. Kind of cool, but quickly set aside. It’s unlikely you’d see this kind of effort and capital being set aside for Heidi Klum to dick around with Will Ferrell. I still have those glasses from 2000. They don’t do much but sit in between pages of the magazine.

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