Monday, May 9, 2011

National Tennis Month: Serena Williams, 2004

And we’re back to athletic. Serena Williams showed off her powerful self in 2004.And if you’re not yet convinced of the allure of tennis players, take a look at this viral ad for a video game called Top Spin 4.Serena and some random model, both of them in postapocalyptic S&M outfits, volley against each other while a pulsing beat is punctuated with the sounds of a woman engaging in some kind of passionate, sweaty exertion, like tennis.

The commercial doesn’t seem to stick around for long before getting taken down, since apparently it was a spec ad, never meant to be released. I don’t buy that. I think it was part of the plan from the beginning to release a “too hot for TV” ad.

Nevertheless, I have to say it gets a little to explicit for my tastes. Sure, tennis players are sexy, but do you have to be do blatant about it?

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