Monday, February 13, 2012

It Was Inevitable

Kate Upton is your 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl.Wow. About a year and a half ago, I wondered if the trend was going to be toward larger bikini bottoms. This seems to be a resounding "no."

Frankly, I think those bottoms are a little too skimpy. They might have crossed over from "sexy" to "look what we can get away with." I don't know. Maybe I need time to digest. (And maybe swimsuit issue covers aren't the place to look for subtlety.)

Kate is not the first girl to jump from rookie one year to cover the next. She joins a small club of models who made the cover in their sophomore years.
Carol Alt
Debut: 1981. Cover: 1982.

Paulina Porizkova
Debut: 1983. Cover: 1984.

Elle Macpherson
Debut: 1985. Cover: 1986.

Debut: 1992. Cover: 1993.

Tyra Banks*
Debut: 1993. Cover: 1996.
*Tyra skipped a couple years after rookiehood, then came roaring back with two consecutive covers.

Carolyn Murphy
Debut: 2004. Cover: 2005.
(And yes, there's a handful of models who have made the cover their first time out.)

In other news, Hot Clicks has revealed that Bar Refaeli will be posing with athletes this year.
(That face is Hot Clicks author Jimmy Traina, by the by.)

I have nothing against hunky, shirtless guys per se, but I do hope there are plenty of dude-free photos of Bar this year. It would be a shame to have any obstacles in the way of her.

According to the cover, there are 18 models this year. That's one more than last year. Here's a nice preview of Alyssa Miller.Her hair is significantly lighter.

What else? If you need a little appetizer, Kate has a new photoshoot, video, and interview at grief. That girl is so sexy it isn't even funny.

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